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Welcome to “My File Server : 2”

This boot2root machine is the Second Challenge of “My File Server” series. This is a realistic File Server with some interesting loop holes. As its name, you will get many File Sharing Services and their privileges to play.


  • : My File Server 2
  • : Linux
  • : Goal: Get the Root access of the Vulnerable Server. Difficulty: Easy / Beginner Level Need hints? Twitter @akankshavermasv DHCP is enabled Your feedback is really valuable for me! Twitter @akankshavermasv Was there something that you didn’t like about this VM? Please let me know so that I can make more interesting challenges in the future. Good Luck..!!!
  • : My_file_server_2.ova
  • : 745M
  • : OVA
  • : 0adb8170c00da1e2a06a0f8dd7ae9301
  • : 7a5f373cb1fce0abbc952afebe2570a1c77e0992
  • : DHCP Service
  • : https://drive.google.com/uc?id=19r5TYGhcM5qZOd9OTF-NwMryRAa1RteI&export=download
  • : Akanksha Verma
  • : https://twitter.com/akankshavermasv